Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day Alone

Today's my first day on my own. Daniel left around 9 or so I think to go to his orientation. I've been deciding what to do all day...and most of all, what to do about breakfast. I guess I'll go stop by the local grocery store and see what they have there.

It's a bit cloudy today and a bit cooler, but I think I'll do some laundry anyway. If anything I want to use my new Totoro towel handkerchief already!

Afterwards I think I'll go shopping. I really need to get my own notebook for practicing Japanese (Daniel ended up taking the one he let me borrow yesterday), and I really need a school bag. It'd be nice if I could get a shoulder bag, but I guess I'd be content with a big hand bag as well.

I just realized though that I didn't take the hours I finished working for my dad's company with me to make my final invoice, so now I have no idea how much more I worked... orz


  1. You need to continue working for your dad overseas $$$ Or else I'll take that job LOL

  2. @queennepy: I can't. I need the specific computer that can connect to his company.