Saturday, August 21, 2010


For breakfast I decided to head down to Mister Donut so I could check out the conbinis to search for magazines (which as you can see didn't go so well...). I forgot to use my point card though, so I missed out on 9 points. T_T Oh well. Kind of rude that she assumed I wouldn't have one though! I'll show her next time, hmph.
On the way home I stopped by a vending machine and got myself a can of Namie Amuro Coke Zero.
Aaaand I'm having this for lunch. Ham and cheese sandwich again. Looks plain from the picture, but I just wanted to show how huge the bread is here!
Also, I found these at the Lawson 100, so yay Cheetos! ...Except not because they are much less cheesier and actually sweet!!!

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