Friday, August 20, 2010

Shibuya 109

I ended up heading back to Shibuya 109 to check out all 10 floors and see what each of the stores on every floor has to offer. I ended up taking the wrong exit out, but somehow my sense of direction sent me in the right direction towards the building. I managed to get offered a lot of free tissues and even some free hair product samples the girls were handing out in front of 109. Yay for being given stuff even though I'm a foreigner. Speaking of which, there were a ton of white people there today. It was kinda strange.

I didn't take any pictures inside Shibuya 109 since pictures are supposedly forbidden. But man, everything inside was so shiny and cute!! I ended up only buying two things today though.
First off, I got this...vest kind of thing from Rose Fan Fan. I saw it being worn on a mannequin and just had to have it, especially since it was half off. I'll probably regret it though since it needs to be ironed...and also seems to need something called a laundry net or washing bag? I guess I'll check out Lawson 100 tomorrow to see if they have one of those.
Aaaand also got myself a backpack from a store called Ober Tashe! It looks perfect for fall and winter, and apparently has been super popular since this was the last one she said. It's got a ton of pockets too, so very handy.

I wanted to buy some shoes and get a phone strap, but I couldn't decide which strap I wanted. I think I'll visit one last Sanrio store before I make up my mind, or maybe I'll just follow some other girls who have 4 different straps on their phones. I saw a really pretty one across from the store that was selling the bag I purchased, so I'll probably go back and buy it.

After making my way up and down the floors, I decided I was tired and would head back home. Daniel ended up beating me home from his orientation, and we decided to go to a steak house called Little Maggie.
It was pretty good, although there was too much fat on it. T_T But nice to see I can get a decent cheap steak from somewhere nearby.

After that we did a bit of conbini hopping while I searched out a magazine called Blenda, but I couldn't find it so I ended up settling for S Cawaii. Let's see how much I like it...

Daniel has orientation tomorrow again, and we're going to meet Nicole again at 7 at Shibuya Station. I doubt I'll have my new outfit ready, but we'll see.


  1. Very cute backpack and outfit! I've noticed that the Japanese like those little backpack things.

  2. @Queen Nepy: It's not little; it's the size of a regular backpack. :o

  3. Nice to see you ate some protein for dinner. Just what mom asked for! Interesting about the butter on the steak, I have seen people do that. Did it make it taste better? What kind of steak was it? Did you eat the beans? Love the vest, I thought it was at dress first. It was like one you had your eye on at a store here.. right. Love the back pack now need to get some boots to match.

  4. @RUATeacup: Yeah, it tasted a lot better. I don't know what kind of steak it was, Little Maggy steak? lol No, I gave the beans to Dan. And it actually is a dress, I just didn't realize it at first haha. Yeah, I think it is. And yes, I need furry boots!