Thursday, August 19, 2010


Oh man, this morning the blisters that formed on my feet are not happy. They're right on my big toe, where the strap of my sandals go. I should buy sandals that aren't flipflops...I wonder if I should brave shoes and socks then today. But I think we're going to visit my school and then go to Akihabara, and considering Akihabara is known for all of its electronic stores and such, I wonder if it'd be a good place to buy shoes. I saw some really cute sandals yesterday at Sunshine City though, and I want to go back and check out Shibuya 109 (especially since they'll take my credit card there).

Also, I wore half pants yesterday...I really need to get some more of those. They weren't any hotter than regular shorts, but a lot more comfortable for sure considering how sticky you get, so I definitely want to buy a few more pairs. Plus I'm sure they'll be wearable on warmer days in the fall too.

Now I'm just rambling haha. But I'm not sure if I'm up for Akihabara...I don't know why, but Shibuya was less stimulating than Sunshine City was to me. Maybe it's because we were in a closed area in Sunshine City and we hadn't gone into Shibuya 109. Since it's a weekday though, you'd think there have been more people, and I definitely expect there to be lots more in Akihabara. But I just woke up, so we'll see how I'm feeling after a good shower.


  1. Buy very comfortable shoes because of all the walking there is to do. Tokyo still reminds me of Manhattan!

  2. @queennepy: No way. Being fashionable > comfortable LOL