Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Todaaaay I dragged Dan with me to Shibuya 109. The sales were still going on, so I couldn't miss out!!

I also tried on fake lashes for the first time today. It took me forever to figure out though, and I especially couldn't get the right eye one on. But I did it in the end. Yay! I discovered the eyeliner I bought kinda sucks though. It's not as black as I'd like it to be.

But so we headed off to Shibuya and I got to wear my new sandals. :D When we got off we decided we were hungry and we stopped at a restaurant in a building I think was called "Gourmet Town" or something and we went up to the top floor to eat at a place called Nin'niku.
It kinda had more of a Mexican feel and design to it? Except...it served Japanese and Korean food and no Mexican food. Kinda weird.

Daniel got a set of some Korean dish, so it came with some spring rolls. I didn't try it though.
Daniel eating his dish.
And thiiis is what I ordered. Steak grilled on the stone thing used as a plate with corn and french fries. It also came with some rice. The steak kinda tasted too much like a stone to me and I didn't really like the special garlic sauce that came with it, but I managed to eat just about all of it anyway.

After we paid, we headed over to Shibuya 109 to get my shopping on~ The first place we ended up stopping and buying stuff was at Cecil McBee (it is every girl's desire to be a Cecil McBee girl!). They just had so many cute sets going on (major deals!), I couldn't pass them up. T-T
First off, I got this adorable dress that comes as a set with this cute shawl. It's so adorable and it even has a kind of underwear protector thing underneath, so no one can see up your skirt while you ride the escalators or go up stairs XD
Next I got this set, which is a long knit vest of sorts and a white tanktop. So cute and I can wear the shawl for the autumn too~
And I also bought this t-shirt. The Engrish was just so amazing, I couldn't pass it up. Plus the overall design is cute.
Aaaand last I got this set! The vest by itself was probably about $45, but they were having a special, so I got the nordic onepiece and the vest together for about $50-$60! :3 This is just too perfect for this fall.

I was impressed though. The woman helping me out was really cute and nice too. She even chased Dan down for me when I wanted his opinion about the dress. Also she followed us around and carried all the things I bought for me. I had a major noob moment when I was trying to tell her this was all I'd buy though. They also had yukata (summer Japanese kimono made of cotton) sets on sale that even included the geta (the special kind of sandals you wear with this kind of kimono)!! They were about $40-$50. I was sooooo tempted to buy it, I want a yukata so bad. Our town will even have a festival on the 4th and 5th, so it'd be a perfect opportunity to wear it.
The bag they gave me is just so neat. I might end up using it as an actual bag when I go back to the states next year? XD

After we left Cecil McBee, we wandered through a few more stores, like Egoist. In Egoist I tried on this really funky skirt that looks like an inside-out checkered flannel jacket, but it was too expensive. Up another floor or two, I discovered that the handmade accessory and decorating store called Chiara was having lucky bags for 500 yen. Of course I didn't pass that up (and Daniel was actually kind enough to pay for it for me. Thanks wub!).
The bag itself is really cute and gives you the feeling it's got lots of cute things inside! From it I got...
This cute phone strap which would have originally cost 300 yen.
Cute flower earrings which would have cost 1365 normally (which is already twice the cost of the lucky bag!).
What I think are two handmade erasers that look like the top of an ice cream cone with 2 jewels in them (there's no price tag for them though). They're actually just things you're supposed to glue on top of stuff though, come to find out.
A funky looking scrunchy that normally would have cost 525 yen.
And last, this cute hairpin that would have normally cost 210 yen. So my 500 yen (about $6) lucky bag was worth at least 2,400 yen (about $28). Nice!

After Chiara, we headed upstairs until we came to the corner with Ober Tasche, the store where I got my backpack from earlier, and the deco-accessory store next to Ober Tasche called Ruby Rose. I bought the cell phone strap I had decided I wanted after browsing the last time I went to Shibuya 109:
Isn't it just so cute? = 3= I love it!

After Ruby Rose, we made our way around the circular floor (this was floor 7), browsed through a few more stores (I spotted a few things I liked like some light weight pants in a shop called One Way that I might end up buying later?) and then we came to Ruvap. I looked at some jeans they had on the rack, and the lady working there was just so outgoing and nice I decided I'd try on the jeans. I wasn't sure about my size, so she let me try on both M and L. Unfortunately, since I have a butt M was a bit too tight, but L fit okay.
The jeans are just so cute though. And they roll up too, so they're the perfect length! This is a first for me!! Jeans that actually fit my height! Whoohoo!
The buttons are actually hearts, and the jeans are pretty sparkly too. So lovely. = 3=
I also got this t-shirt too.
I didn't notice it when I bought it, but it actually came with these crazy looking pins. That cloud is something else.

After we left Ruvap, we headed upstairs and decided we sit down and grab a parfait to eat and some drinks...or so we thought. A lot of stores in Japan keep their menu outside or plastic food models of their food in a display case, so we looked at one display case but we ended up going to the wrong restaurant. Oops. The place we ended up going to by mistake was called Ma Maison, and we ordered drinks and I got a slice of cake.
It was so tasty! Unfortunately I was still kinda full so I couldn't finish eating it all.

Directly across from Ma Maison there was a poster that said "your photo here" or something to that extent, so we decided to take our own pictures.

After this, I realized my feet were starting to kill me. Not in the blister kind of way though (I had brought a whole box of band-aids with me just in case). So after we quckily went through the top floor, we started heading downstairs. We wove through a few stores that sold bags along the way though, since I just can't take the aching in my right shoulder anymore from carrying my purse! I didn't find one I liked though until we reached a store called GALET's on the third floor.
I couldn't resist it's furriness. It was just too cute.

All of these things bought, we headed down to the second basement floor and to the train station. Man oh man, since it was like 7pm when we got there, everyone was on the trains trying to get home. It was pretty crowded and I ended up having to stand the whole time for the half hour or so it took to get home. My feet felt like they were burning and I kept shifting my weight trying to take some pressure off, but that didn't help at all. Just thinking back on it now makes my feet tingle a bit with pain. When we finally made it to our station, I grabbed the first type of cup noodles I saw at the Sunkus next to the station in case we got hungry for dinner later and we headed home to turn on the a/c and cool ourselves down. Man it's way too hot here.


  1. OMFG lolo that poster picture!! I spyyyyy.. KANAKOOOOO.
    Lol shaddup i read her blog every single day XD;;;
    And....that furry little baggy bit.. I desire..and that vest!!
    and that first dress..that is EXACTLY the kind of thing i wear EVERY SINGLE DAY AND i want it so bad!!!!!!! Seriously im so jealous of your shopping opportunities dude. Im going to go to the beach at my house, slip into the ocean, wiggle my way to japan, reform, and start shopping lulz.

  2. @Xenophobiaz: XDDD Come to Japaaaaan!!

    Fur is totally about to be in with the fall season. I want furry boots. >_>

  3. llol julie if i could i WOULD. I'd be there NOW srsly.
    OMG did you watch the Chanel fall/winter collection? ALL FUR. I have a big pair of faux fur boots that i got on consignment for dirt cheap aaaages ago that are hardcore adorable..and look to be out of the Chanel collection lulz.

  4. No I haven't seen them! Though I was tempted to go wander into the Chanel store in Shinjuku since it was right in the train station. XDD

    Your boots sound so sexi ;0

  5. Man, so much shopping but I'm super afraid of going to Japan now because of the sizes and weirdo stares ....

  6. I love that pic of you. You have your eyelashes on? Do you have it on FB? You are just glowing there! I want that pic of you. Love the stuff you bought. Make sure you get more jeans...just wait a bit...lol

  7. @queennepy: lol they also have LL for shoes, I think. So you could try those on. XD

    @RUATeacup: Yeah, I do. It's on FB too lol I will get more jeans...jeans that actually fit! haha