Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laundry Day

Today I decided I wanted to clean all my clothes. So I just did laundry. I didn't manage to wash everything before the sun set though, but there's always tomorrow.

But I noticed something amazing: the clothes I've bought here in Japan don't go all stiff while they dry! They're perfect. All of my American clothes feel so ick and hard when I take them off and I have to wear them for a bit before they'll feel normal again.

So amazing that Japanese clothes can withstand it... T_T

Though, I haven't washed my new jeans yet. So I'll find out if Japanese jeans are amazing too when it comes to hanging them up to dry in the sun tomorrow.


  1. That's very interesting!
    (Also, I'm getting sick of these word verifications - captcha - when commenting!)

  2. @queennepy: That's why you should read more often so you don't have to comment so much at once LOL