Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I thought I was getting better, but it seems I've regressed. It's only 5:30am and I'm awake! I'm hoping after writing and surfing the internet to my favorite games (Ameba and Poupee Girl) I'll be able to go back to sleep...maybe.

I just had a dream about getting home with my mom. We opened the garage and three of my huge pet flying fish came out and started flying down the neighborhood. I was very upset, especially since I was supposed to meet my classmate N (I'm not sure if she's all right with me posting her real name or not) today at 1 o'clock at Ikebukuro (which is what we're doing today). I texted N with my Japanese phone to tell her my fish escaped and she told me that it's okay and that she'll wait. So I went chasing after them through the neighborhood. The neighborhood was mostly Japanese and a few instead of the Floridian suburban neighborhood of houses, there were some apartment buildings. As I was wondering through, I heard a voice asking if I was looking through them and looked at the source of it, which was a one of the apartment buildings. At its top were people in bathing suits having a party. One of the people there was a man with sunglasses under an umbrella fanning himself. I knew it was him, and he asked if I would be brave enough to save my fish. I ran home, got a bikini on, and got to the party. I think I saved my fish, but I'm not sure since I kinda woke up at that point.

And so here I am...checking Poupee Girl, it seems that it's down for maintenance until 11. Booooo. At least there's Ameba though I doubt many people will be awake by then.

As far as last night goes, we ended up going back to Lawson 100 and buying some stuff to eat. We got what was batter for takoyaki but the inside was a small hot dog. Since there was no sauce or anything, I didn't really like the taste. I think I bit my tongue on the hot dog though. So I ended up eating some more chocolate chip melon pan. Yum.

It appears to us that a lot of people here do their shopping for food daily, or at least the shopping for fresh ingredients for their major meals. But that's probably because walking with the groceries is the main way to transport their groceries, and one person can only carry so many things at once.

Man, every day I get advertisements sent to my inbox with advertisements from American clothes stores...I should unsubscribe from those for now, huh?

Well, since Poupee is down, no one seems to be online, and I'm not supposed to meet Nicole until 1 (I guess we'll leave around noon), I guess I'll just play a game or read some more of Betsuma Margaret or something.

Speaking of which, the ending for Strobe Edge was good. It was super cute. = 3= Can't wait for the novel to come out and the special chapter next month!

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  1. I'm more upset you didn't dream of me *WINK* But I'm a bit of a narcissist, what'd you expect? Lulz.